Torchwood was conceived as a spin-off of Doctor Who. Initially touted as 'Doctor Who for adults', the show is inevitably darker in tone, containing swearing, sex scenes, and tackling more existentialist themes than its family-friendly sibling. The constant is Captain Jack: an omni-sexual immortal, who assembles a team of alien hunters to tackle the ever present extraterrestrial threat.

Season One 

1.1 Everything Changes
1.2 Day One
1.3 Ghost Machine
1.4 Cyberwoman
1.5 Small Worlds
1.6 Countrycide
1.7 Greeks Bearing Gifts
1.8 They Keep Killing Suzie
1.9 Random Shoes
1.10 Out of Time
1.11 Combat
1.12 Captain Jack Harkness
1.13 End of Days

Season Two

2.1 Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang
2.2 Sleeper
2.3 To the Last Man
2.4 Meat
2.5 Adam
2.6 Reset
2.7 Dead Man Walking
2.8 A Day in the Death
2.9 Something Borrowed
2.10 From Out of the Rain
2.11 Adrift 2.12 Fragments
2.13 Exit Wounds

Torchwood: Children of Earth 

Torchwood: Miracle Day 

4.1 The New World
4.2 Rendition
4.3 Dead of Night
4.4 Escape to LA
4.5 The Categories of Life
4.6 The Middle Men
4.7 Immortal Sins
4.8 End of the Road
4.9 The Gathering
4.10 The Blood Line

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