Doctor Who

Doctor Who is the longest running science fiction television show in the world. It originally ran from 1963 until 1989, spawned a TV movie in 1996, and then returned in 2005 with a new Doctor, a new format, and a brand new audience. Who is the Doctor? Well, he's a Time Lord, and he travels through space and time in his own space ship (shaped like a 1950's Police Box).

Season One

1.1 Rose
1.6 Dalek
1.11 Boom Town

Season Two

2.11 Fear Her

Season Three

3.4 Daleks in Manhattan (1)
3.5 Evolution of the Daleks (2)
3.6 The Lazarus Experiment
3.7 42
3.10 Blink
3.11 Utopia
3.12 The Sound of Drums (1)
3.13 Last of the Time Lords (2)

Season Four

Time Crash (Children in Need Special 2007)
4.10 Midnight
4.11 Turn Left

Season Five

Season Six

Space and Time (Comic Relief Special 2011)

 Season Seven

7.10 Hide

 Season Eight

8.4 Listen

 Season Nine

 Season Ten
10.2 Smile 


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