Being Human

Being Human is a comedy/horror about three flat-sharing twenty-somethings living in Totterdown, Bristol. The twist is, Annie is a ghost, George is a werewolf, and Mitchell is a vampire. Despite multiple personnel changes, Being Human ran for five excellent seasons, and charted the everyday lives of three supernaturals attempting to live regular human lives. It's also one of those rare series which gets better as it goes on, and ends with a intellectually satisfying bang.

Season One

1.0 The Monsters Within (Pilot)
1.1 Flotsam and Jetsam
1.2 Tully
1.3 Ghost Town
1.4 Another Fine Mess

Season Two

2.7 Damage

Season Three

3.1 Lia
3.3 Type 4

Season Four

Season Five


Alex Millar - Kate Bracken
Tom McNair - Michael Socha
Annie Sawyer - Lenora Crichlow
George Sands - Russell Tovey
John Mitchell - Aidan Turner
Nina Pickering - Sinead Keenan
Hal Yorke - Damien Maloney

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